Business Schools Around the World: Sustainability in Education

Business Schools Around the World: Sustainability in Education

With more people wanting to learn in ways that are good for the earth, business schools around the world are coming up with new ways to solve problems that affect everyone. It was clear from this year’s Responsible Business Education awards that schools, especially in Europe, are going green more often.

Business Schools Around the World: The way is shown by high schools in Europe

Business Schools Around the World: Sustainability in Education

A lot has been done in European schools to be better for the earth. The judges gave them good marks for starting right away to use cases, lessons, and side activities that are all about sustainability. France’s schools might become more important than American schools because of this change.

Business Schools Around the World: How to Get Your Business to Do Things for You

A class at Loyola Marymount University called “Business for Good” taught by Professor Madhu Viswanathan stands out. They have to make business plans that serve people with low incomes and think about how their plans will affect society and the earth. Effects on society are what this class is all about. AI can help in the classroom, and he thinks it can also help people run their businesses in new ways.

Business Schools Around the World: Virtual reality is something people are interested in.

The judges liked how IE Business School used virtual reality (VR) in a project about climate change. With the VR show “Eye in the Storm,” kids are right in the middle of a storm. They think about important things like climate change because of this. Some people think VR is just a “gimmick,” but teachers say it helps kids learn and compare it to how computers changed math.

Business Schools Around the World: Taking Another Look at Cambridge’s Money

Most people think they know a lot about money, but the “Purpose of Finance” study from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge says otherwise. Professors David Pitt-Watson and Ellen Quigley want their students to think more deeply by showing how money affects the world. The usual neoclassical method isn’t used in this lesson. Instead, it looks at how the finance business can help solve problems related to green living.

Sustainability and the business as a whole go hand in hand.

The French Kedge Business School added a macroeconomics course that looks at the world in 2019. There is a lot of economics in this class. Sustainability problems are looked at in a broad sense in this class, with a focus on how money and the economy affect these issues. This is a good way for students to see how problems of money, sustainability, and the economy are all linked.

How to Learn at Vlerick Business School When You’re Not in Class

European Executive MBA students at Vlerick Business School are told to work with companies to solve environmental problems. They work on business problems while they are at real companies and then show their work to get feedback. The Financial Times’ Climate Game is something else that is taught. In this simulation-based learning project, students need to lower their emissions so that by 2050, they have no net emissions.

Giving awards to fresh and new ideas

A lot of business schools got praise for having unique lessons on how to handle money in the long run. Ivey Business School, IE Business School, Loyola Marymount University, and Wedge Business School are the five business schools that won. Each of them has made a big difference in long-term learning.

Sustainability is being taught in business schools because they want to teach the next generation of leaders how to deal with problems in the world in a fair way.