Al Aqsa Mosque : the Amazing History

Al Aqsa Mosque : the Amazing History

Hey there, little friends! Today, we’re going on a magical journey to learn about the history of a very special place called Al Aqsa Mosque. It’s a beautiful mosque that holds a lot of stories from a long time ago.

Al Aqsa Mosque Early Days

Al Aqsa Mosquehas a history that goes way, way back. It was first built by Prophet Ibrahim (AS), but sadly, it was destroyed after the conquest of Baitulmaqdis. Later, a new Masjid, called Masjid Terjauh, was officially built on the orders of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan in the year 705 AD on a special hill.

Al Aqsa Mosque : the Amazing History

Al Aqsa Mosque : The Amazing Builder Abdul Malik ibn Marwan

Abdul Malik ibn Marwan was a great leader who started building Masjid Al Aqsa. Although he passed away before it was finished, his son took over and played a big role in making the third most important mosque in Islam a reality.

Challenges Along the Way

However, there were challenges. In the year 748 AD, a tragic earthquake destroyed the first structure of Masjid Al Aqsa. They rebuilt it, only to see it destroyed again in 771 AD. The historical mosque was then reconstructed in 780 AD but sadly collapsed due to an earthquake in 1033 AD.

Al Aqsa Mosque : What’s in a Name?

Now, let’s talk about the name “Al Aqsa.” In Arabic, it has two meanings. First, it means “the highest,” pointing to the special status of the mosque in Islam and the Muslim community. Second, it means “the farthest,” referring to the distance of Masjid Al Aqsa from the city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

The Distance and Importance

Al Aqsa Mosque is not just any mosque. It’s a place that attracts over 10,000 worshippers from Palestine and around the world every year. It’s one of the most important and sacred monuments in Islam. Situated in the old city of Baitulmaqdis, its history dates back to the early seventh century.

The Islamic Leader’s Vision

In the early seventh century, a famous Islamic ruler had a special vision. He directed the construction of Masjid Al Aqsa on the Temple Mount, or the Noble Sanctuary. This marked the beginning of the historical journey of Masjid Al Aqsa.

Conclusion: A Treasure of Islamic History

So, little pals, that’s the incredible history of Masjid Al Aqsa. It’s not just a mosque; it’s a treasure chest of stories from the past. Remember, learning about these special places helps us understand and appreciate the beautiful history of our world. Stay curious and keep exploring!