Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.


UAV, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is a designation refers to a class of aircrafts which are piloted remotely or flying autonomously. This vehicles are also commonly known as drones, but especially in civil area is preffered the abbreviation UAV (or UAS – Unmanned Aerial System) for differentiation from military aircrafts. UAV are currently used for a number of both military and civil tasks, like reconnaissance, terrain survey, precision agriculture, rescue, building or pipeline checking, aerial thermography, filmography and many others. Despite of there are still not very clear laws considering the using of UAVs in public air areas, it seems to that they will became common thing in skies pretty soon. Also for the UAV´s potential has not been still fully discovered and fulfilled, so we can still expect another suprising ways of usage in daily life,commercial area or public services.

However, there exist more interesting ideas of how can be the UAVs useful than pizza delivering or filming of football match and such. If you ever heard about hurricane hunting, you can probably imagine how this can be risky for a human being. But with a little help from the UAV you can reach the heart of a storm and do some shoots without any risk. Moreover, with the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be tropical storms and natural disaster studied much more easily and effectively, which can seriously improve prediction powers and ways forecasts. Another stunning ability of UAVs is making of 3D maps from the air. Equipped with various of sensors, multispectral cameras and other devices, they can survey landscapes or building with a large number of high quality digital images. These maps have plenty ways of further usage in hands of companies or individuals. This ability is also really great in combination with an autonomous flight.

As some another examples of UAV applications we can enumerate e.g. wildlife protection (and fighting against poaching), precision agriculture movement and search and rescue deployment. The last one often includes infrared cameras mounted on UAVs which are being used to search for a heat emitting human body trapped in some danger situation. Inspite of this undoubtedly beneficent factors, the public verdict on UAVs is still pretty miscellaneous and sometimes confused. Actually, it´s not so suprising when we realize that this technology was originaly developed for military purposes and currently presents one of the most sophisticated ways of spying and police surveillance. On the other hand, UAVs can obviously help people a lot, they can even save their lives or make their work more safe and effective. Thereby, if the fear from possible misuse could lead to stopping such promissing developement, that would be really pitty.