Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.

UAV Industry

What exactly we mean when we talk about UAV applications in industry?

There is a pretty wide spectrum of industrial aerial applications which is gradually spreading hand in hand with UAS development. This particular area usually includes mainly various inspections and checking, e.g. inspections of bridges, highvoltage power lines, high structures and buildings, windmills, or basically hard accessible spots.

This kind of drone inspecting is also very useful in case of examinig of photovoltaic systems, oil and gas pipelines, train paths and many others. UAV applications in industry area should be generally effective, practical, precise and safe. It has a great potential in saving costs, inspecting safety and making the whole operation safer, faster and more effective.

Advantages of UAV applications in industry

 Let´s have a look on classical inspections of high voltage powerlines. Using of the conventional technology devices, such as helicopters or climbers, is usually expensive, dangerous and time consuming. In contrast, drone based applications offer significant reduction of these inconveniences. For the data recording are being used high resolution images, thermographic images, ultrasound and image processing method for evalution of error images. All images, coordinates and flight data can be stored and subsequently analysed in detail.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are also an ideal solution for windmills inspections. It increases safety for the inspections and windmills do not have to be shut down while the whole process, so it saves time and money as well. Windmills incorporate various of complex electrical and mechanic components, so they are susceptible to damages and failures. In epitome, with intelligent drone technology you can easily carry out inspections throughout the year, no matter if onshore and offshore.

Inspections of bridges and high buildings

 We have also mentioned above another example of UAV applications in industry, like inspections of bridges or high building structures. Especially bridges are usually exposed to tremendous demands because of nature or human activity. After a time, the smallest of cracks in the masonry or corrosion of metal beams can lead into in catastrophic breakdowns. A regular inspecting of the beam structures is crucial for prevention, detail error mapping and enabling of neccessary repairs. And again, even in this case holds good what we already said before: using of a suitable drone makes the inspecting safer, cheaper, faster and more effective. Moreover, there is no need to close down traffic lines and so cause a traffic congestion.

Pretty much the same advantages can be enumerated in case of inspecting of high buildings and any hard accessible spots. Replacing the climbers, helicopters or any conventional technology with intelligent, small and fast copters can significantly simplify the whole inspection. In conclusion, there is surely many applications which have not been recently discovered or anybody have not thought of. Aerial mapping and inspecting with UAVs have definitely a great potential, though ideas and impulses from the customers or experts from different fields of technology and science are essential for future development.