Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.

UAV Consultations

For Whom?

If you want your own UAV but have no previous experience with such things or if you are planning to purchase one, or if you simply have a lot of questions, then for you, we have a new consultation course.

What Do We Offer?

Experience. We can answer all your questions and pass to you some of the huge amount of experience that we have with UAVs.

Sensors. We can discuss your special application and recommend you the best equipment for the best price. You can get information about the accuracy of the result. We have already build drones with thermal cameras, multispectral camera, laser scanners etc.

Skills. You will be able to control your UAV a lot better.

Know-How. We can recommend which equipment suits your needs the best how to set up it and so on.

Mission Briefing. It’s a good idea to have an idea about how long will your flight be or how fast you can go, how far can you get and so on, all of these questions will be answered depending on the model of your UAV, your payload and the gear that you will have installed.

Setup.  You will get all the necessary information to setup and correctly manage your UAV, this includes waypoint setup, work with GCS (Ground Control Station), guide through the user interface and more.

Software.  We can show you post-processing of photos, videos, clouds of points etc. You will get information about price and quality of results. You will try which software is the best for your needs.

Contact us via our e-mail ( or call us (+420 773 964 445) and arrange your own flying course.