Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.

UAV Applications

We try to offer complete solutions for various applicationsWe offer not just dronesbut also a variety of optical and sensory systems that help in various fieldsWe also also offer trainings, such as complete training on the use of air thermography.

UAV Thermography

Aerial thermography is a summarizing term which includes both unmanned aerial device with an infrared camera scanning. UAV thermography is widely used among environmentalists, security guards or technicians. But conventional aircraft seems to be unnecessarily expensive and dangerous. UAV systems have proven themselves to be an incomparable alternative. Drones can boast on precise positioning, higher safety level and affordable costs.

UAV Precise Agriculture

Precision agriculture is considered to be one of the fields where the use of UAVs may become a key factor dividing the future farmers into successful and failures. Some of the farmers already use spectral analysis provided by a satellite, but that does not necessarily mean it is precise. There are factors that distort the satellite’s data such as clouds, smoke, air pollution etc.. A more accurate method of observing your crops while maintaining the low time cost of the operation is to use a UAV.