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Thermography Training for Workswell thermographic system

Training for Workswell

In Vespadrones we don´t offer you just simple products, you can always rely on complex, comprehensive solutions and full support provided by experienced proffesionals. That´s why we ensure a thorough thermographic training for all Workswell products. We provide you complex coures for aerial thermography and thermographic application, which is ensured with cooperation with Workswell company.Our gradually increasing interest in aerial thermography can become a significant benefit for your work. Thermal cameras detect radiation in the range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of that radiation called thermographs. The amount of radiation emitted by an object is proportional to its temperature, so thermography allows us to see variations in temperature in the scene independently of the area illumination. During the training you will be acknowledge with the basics of thermography, its advantages and you will be also taught how to handle a particular Workswell device.

Advantages of Workswell

Aerial thermography has many interesting advantages at all.

With Workswell cameras you can work in a day or night, even in complete darkness. Any difficult conditions, like fog, thick smoke, won´t stop you. You can partly see even through vegetation.

Recorded radiometric data (video and images) can be saved wirelessly via operator’s controller. Wireless control is way easy to use via the buttons on operator’s controller. For saving all images in the same time you can use one touch system.

After that can be all the data send wirelessly to the operator’s controller in real time. Workswell thermografic system offers plenty of models, alarms, palettes and measurements tool. Moreover, gathered data are compatible with software FLIR Tools for temperature analysis and PDF.

Setting and camera modes

During the course you will learn how to use all the mentioned advantages of Workswell thermographic system and more. Another important part of the training is data processing, setting of the cameras and their modes. Standard mode allows users to set different color palettes, Max and Min temperature analysis, set automatic or manual temperature range and displays all the data on the operator’s controller on the ground. Alarm mode allows users to set limit temperature and see (find) only objects (places) with higher or lower temperature than is set. This is the key mode for security and industrial applications. Max and Min analysis is also available in this mode. Digital camera mode allows the operator to see the area in the visible spectrum, anytime take a picture and then compare it with infrared image.

Thermographic applications

Last but not least, experts from the Workswell company will teach how to use their technology for each application in thermography. Workswell infrared cameras and systems can be used in various operations, like thermovision diagnostic of photovoltaics power plants, thermovision diagnostics of buildings, thermovision diagnostic of hot water distribution pipes, searching for people and animals with the possibility of alarm mode utilization, with help from the alarm mode is the system able to locate fire epicentres even through thick smoke and fog, object security (the system is not dependent on daily light), archeology, agriculture and many others. For more information please find out more about Workswell AIRvision thermographic systems.

 If you have any question about Workswell thermographic training, please don´t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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