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The new XYRIS 6 is the ideal everyday all round drone designed specifically for easy and effective single or two-person operation. The XYRIS 6 is great for aerial photography and video shooting, and it can be easily equipped with special measuring tools for terain mapping, thermography and precision agriculture. The drone uses GPS assisted flight for easy operation and is also capable of fully autonomous flight. It is designed to carry advanced stabilized camera gimbal, everything in compact size along with folding arms. This READY TO FLY hexacopter comes assembled by our professional highly experienced technicians, fully tested and ready to fly out the box with the everything you need!

(Delivery time is eight weeks. Drones are built to fit customer specifications and also our high quality standards, very careful setting and testing takes time.)

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    We cooperate with company - They provide good quality FR gimbals for reasonable price plus the company is situated in Pilsen, CZ - same as Vespadrones ensuring great and fast support. FR 560 is recommended option - It is quite lightweight (good for long flight time) and very good for use with small cameras up to 450g. FR ENKI Gimbal is for larger cameras and/or IR systems, it is a little heavier but it is still suitable option for Xyris 6 Mk. III. The DJI H3/H4-3D gimbal is suitable for GoPro3/3+ and GoPro4 cameras and it is great for shooting extremely steady video.
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    Please specify your camera mode below. We will install, configure and assign the shutter to a switch on the radio and prepare the shutter connector for your camera. We will contact you in case you want to use some special camera type or unsupported model.
    As a standard we supply Hitec Multicharger H4 with 540W supply, it can charge one battery in 2-3 hours (you can charge two at a time). More powerful PowerLab can charge up to 6 batteries at a time, and charge one of your flight batteries in less than 30min or about one hour (when charging two or three at a time).
    FPV set with installation! Remote control, camera and LCD display or Goggles set to maximize your comfort while using UAVs. This set can stream video from a camera directly into the LCD display or Goggles attached or any other A/V output compatible device. If you need HD resolution the new Connex HD Transmission (for Pixhawk with OSD for A2 only video) or DJI Lightbridge (A2).
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    *Transport case is designed to hold the XYRIS 6 drone depending on your configuration. ** This is a special emergency parachute system made by czech company It is to prevent mainly damages on health and life but also to prevent complete loss of machine in case of crucial failure of machine or pilot. The parachute system includes installation, one spare pyrogenerator + other items needed to reload the parachute once more after activation. We sincerely believe that you will not need to activate it at all.
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For the next generation we decided to move further in the propulsion system. Our customers are more and more demanding on the payload and also flight time duration which resulted in necessary efficiency increase and improved thrust. We selected advanced proulsion E1200 Pro from DJI to fit our requirements.  The system provided 28% flight time increase over the Mark I and Mark II generation of Xyris 6. The system is highly integrated and it has very good self cooling design. The 17-inch folding carbon propeller, together with 4216 motor and sine-wave drive ESCs provide more efficient and more powerful propulsion and Xyris 6 can now accomodate higher payload such as ENKI gimbal or extras like Parachute system. One little new detail is integrated LED system, making navigation lights a standard equipment unlike previous versions.


The upgraded Xyris 6 Mk. III has a new, larger and better frame. However, we have improved the frame, but we still rely on carbon. This material was without any doubts proven in many cases as the best combination of endurance, light weight and durability. As you probably noticed, Xyris 6 Mk. III has longer arms for better manouverability. Inspite of the more robust frame, the flight time is even better than it ever was. Moreover, we keep the configuration in its hexacopter state, because we have many good reasons to believe that this configuration is the best for most UAV applications. We have been designing the new frame for a long time, listening to our customers carefully and learning from their experience. Now we are sure that our customers will receive the best UAV tool for their bussiness and mission. With the new frame will be your hexacopter able to perform any imaginable tasks in the air with efficiency, safety and gracefulness.


Controlling of the new Xyris 6 Mk. III is based on Pixhawk, advanced control unit, suited for autonomous flight with its amazing flexibility. This control unit includes advanced processor and sensor from MT Microelectronics and NuttX real-time operating system. We recommend Pixhawk for its integrated multithreading and sophisticated functions like mission scripting, flight behavior and tight timing. Together with Pixhawk we use modified Mission Planner software. We have prepared this great flight control solution specifically for demands and options of the new Xyris 6 Mk. III. Flying autonomously was never before so easy, complex and effective.


Probably the most noticeable change of the new Xyris 6 Mk. III is a parachute placed on its top. We realize how important is to protect your investment, so our hexacopter is equipped with security features like engine fail protection. But that was not enough, we decided to boost the safety of our aircraft. The ballistic rescue system Galaxy GBS is designed to save your UAV in troubles. The system is surprisingly lightweight, reusable and it is able to rescue even in such low altitudes (from 5 metres). Opening of the parachute is done immediately and the range of use is from 3 to 35 kg of drone´s weight.


We equipped the new Xyris 6 Mk. III with Gimbal Enki pro DSLR from Flyrecord company. This 3-axis gimbal is a unique tool in many ways. Perfect precision is achieved thanks to excellent motors, designed specially for the gimbal. All axis are fully and tool-free adjustable for your needs and various cameras. The gimbal is perfectly steady and all cables are hidden. We deliver our Xyris 6 Mk. III to the customers with precisely adjusted gimbals. For every UAV application has its specification, we want to offer you a fully custom solution and the gimbal is an important part of the whole configuration.


We are able to deliver you Xyris 6 Mk. III together with fully integrated thermography system from our partners, Workswell. Aerial thermography is opening new exciting posibilities on a field of UAV applications and we want to be on board. Workswell Thermal Vision is a complex solution and state-of-the-art product for your drone with resolution up to 640×512 pixels and sensitivity 0.05°C. We can also offer you a full termography training course thanks to cooperation with experts from Workswell. With Workswell thermography system you will be able to work in a day or night, even in complete darkness. This will make you literally unstopable and take your UAV applications to a completely new level.


FPV system is surely an important part of current flying with drones. In order to meet our customer´s demands, we have choosen Amimon Connex wireless video link. Amimon Connex is a high-performance solution for FPV (First Person View) with zero latency and the best image quality. You can use it even for long ranges of flight, which is a crucial ability in the world of UAV applications. Amimon Connex transmits commercial, industrial, inspection and monitoring UAV video in real time to its Ground Station, which can be located up to several hundreds meters away. This system makes FPV transmission easy and affordable for professional drone users.


If you decide to buy the XYRIS 6, you can certainly await a full support from our side. This comprehensive support also includes the Flight School. Precisely speaking, make a purchase of the Xyris 6 and you will be also obtained by a full day at the Flight School for free. We will provide you with an experienced tester and tutor pilot who will instruct you personally. The technician can then adjust the settings of your drone or provide you with information as to which of the data provided by your drone are important and which are not. The technician can provide you with some advanced tips as for how to handle the drone. How to fly in different weather conditions, what is the effect of the weight of the load on the flight time, how far can you fly and still receive quality video feed, how to handle unexpected situations such as wind gusts, battery shortage and much more. Read more about FLIGHT SCHOOL…


Ideal Cameras – SONY ALPHA 5000/6000, SONY RX100 IV (GoPro HERO up to medium dSLRs possible)
Optical systems – Thermal Imagers, Multispectral and Hyperspectral Cameras
Autonomous mode – Yes (Both DJI and 3DR controlers)
Payloads – Ideal 500 to 1500g / max 2,2kg
Speed – Zero up to 80km/h (depends on payload) / Basic Range – up to 1.5km
Flight Time – Up to 35min (depending on payloads and other factors)/ Up to 25min with FR560 gimbal and SONY A6000 camera
Weight – 4,2kg empty (RTF no battery or payload), 8,4kg maximum (max All-Up-Weight)
 – Diameter 1000mm / width 1493mm (1065mm collapsed) / height 640mm (613mm collapsed)/depth 1293mm (455mm collapsed)