Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.


Hexacopters belong to the multirotor class which lies somewhere between octocopters and quadcopters. They represent a great compromise between these two general types of the UAVs, the heavy lifted ones and the ones with a light structure. This drone configuration is apparently an outstanding choice for small and medium-sized cameras, same as for thermography, multispectral systems, precision agriculture and another applications. Generally speaking, hexacopters are more stable than quadcopters, but not so heavy and robust as octocopters. Unlike quadcopters, this UAS have limited engine out capability. This means, a hexacopter can lose an engine and still be able to land safely.
More propellers basically mean greater stability and flight is less affected by wind. Thereby, this kind of drone seems to be also an ideal option for aerial photography or cinematography. Although, more propellers mean more weight as well, so the smaller and lighter quadcopters might have sometimes better flight time. But it depends on a particular model. Moreover, there are plenty of different opinions on the exact importance of ech configuration part, because the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry is still developing pretty fast and there is many things about it we don´t know yet. From somebody´s point of view, more engines just mean more power. However, that is just a very general rule, the final power of a drone depends on a whole construction and the proper combination of the chosen elements.
Now take a look on some currently being used UAVs based on hexa desing. We should definitely mention hexacopter XYRIS 6. Obviously, the offer range is pretty wide and growing literally every day, so everybody can choose the right one according to his needs. Hexacopter is excellent UAS configuration for commercial or research applications, like terrain mapping, thermography or aerial cinematography, as we mentioned above. Their prizes are also still pretty achievable even for small bussinessmen, which is surely pleasing.