Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.

Flight school

Our company has years of experience in the UAV business. We have sold our products to many companies and individuals all across Europe including the ones that focus on precise agriculture, public services, safety purposes, geology and more.

From our previous deals we have already acquired a pretty solid idea about what the customers need and how to solve their problems as efficiently and quickly as possible. During the flight school day you will have enough space to ask your own questions and present your own problems which we will then solve immediately, saving your time.

Are you wondering why to have a flight school? Wander no more, except the all-around useful information, summarized knowledge and the possibility to avoid the mistakes of newcomers we will provide you with an experienced tester and tutor pilot who will instruct you personally. The technician can then adjust the settings of your drone or provide you with information as to which of the data provided by your drone are important and which are not.

Moreover, he can set up your drone’s telemetry and show you how to operate the drone with various devices such as phone app or the GCS.  An explanation of programming autonomous flight will be provided as well as practical example of such a flight for better understanding of the settings.

The technician can provide you with some advanced tips as for how to handle the drone. How to fly in different weather conditions, what is the effect of the weight of the load on the flight time, how far can you fly and still receive quality video feed, how to handle unexpected situations such as wind gusts, battery shortage and others.

The flight modes including computer assisted flight, waypoints and other flight related functions of our drones will be explained in detail saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

If you think all that is mentioned above is not enough, you are in for a treat! For our technicians and tutors will offer you additional advice. How to take care of your drone and prolong its lifespan, how to take care of the batteries, how to set up your remote control properly or which propellers to use and which to avoid. There are incredibly useful tips which would otherwise take huge amount of time to learn. Many of the customers were overwhelmed by the amount of information they got in one day and it was even exhausting… but after a while we got a lot of positive feedback, because our customers who decided to take the lessons became good and responsible operators and found our help very useful.


1) Presentation of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and the theory of flight: We will introduce you the complete construction and design of the UAV. We will also guide you to understand the essential functionality

2) Remote operation presentation: Includes description of a radio, its functions and switches. We will also explain limitations, range and what happens in case of signal loss or interference.

3) Introduction to the LiPo batteries: Proper charging, usage, storing and transporting. We will also give you some tips, how to transfer the batteries in case of travelling by plane.

4) Flight control: We will introduce you the functionality of a control unit. We will show you basic hardware parts, you will be given by instructions about different functions, specifications and settings, which can be adjusted with a computer. We will also explain you the meaning and principles of important functions like position hold, return to launch, automatic landing and automatic takeoff.

5) Computer assisted flying: Introduction to the function of the navigation avionics such as barometer, compass unit and GPS. We will explain you what can these devices offer to you and how to achieve the best user experience using different flight modes correctly.

6) Flying in different environment and weather conditions: We will introduce you to the possibilities of flight while worsened weather conditions, like a sudden wind gust. You will be also explained how to estimate safe and not safe weather, where you can fly and where it is forbidden.

7) Safety, failsafe systems and emergency: We will explain the meaning of all warning messages and notices, just as how to behave in case of each warning. We will also tell you how to behave when something goes wrong and for example how to prevent damages in case you need to make emergency landing.

8) Practical flight trial: One of the most important parts of the Flight School is of course a practical flight lesson. You will be improving your skill on a trial polygon with an experienced flight instructor. The instructor will be your guide and supervisor while the procedure. He will also provide you by practical informations in order to you can acquire the proper basic flight skills.

9) FAQ: The last part of the Flight School is devoted to the answering of frequently asked questions.


1) Advanced level for the full mastery of UAV applications: For the most demanding customers we offer extended flight school version. This course includes everything from the basic flight school but also much more. It is focused on operators and pilots who need drones for strenuous and delicate missions and who need full support in e.g. aerial mapping, thermography, precision agriculture and other applications. Moreover, you will be taught in the latest trends in autonomous flight.

2) Smooth controlling of a drone for the most demanding missions: We will teach you how to combine more control elements at the same time, how to properly flight through turns, performing of shooting flight through, e.g. combination of a drone controlling while bending a gimbal to get quality images, flyovers in a constant altitudes and so on.

3) Detailed explanation and practical demonstration of intelligent functions: Home lock, course lock, point of interest, cruise control (DJI) – theory of their use in aerial photography and videography, eventually also in case of loosing spatial orientation. For 3DR controllers such as Pixhawk we will explain various extra functions you can configure to your radio switches (such as altitude hold, auto mission, follow me etc.

4) Autonomous flight: The most important point of the whole advanced flight school. You will be acquainted with a control software, we will also explain you each function like predefined routes, individual routes and every possibilities and remote setting of a drone. The course includes demonstration with an iPad, eventually with an Android device and more exemplary flights. We will teach you how to properly define a flight route and set all the parametres like altitude, flight speed between individual points. Autonomous flight is definitely an advanced function intended for expert UAV pilots. With our help you can significantly improve your flight skills and get to the heart of UAV applications.

5) Complete trainig for aerial mapping: We aim to offer our customers the maximum support for their UAV applications. Customers, who are focused on aerial mapping, will be trained for complete preparation process and processing the data acquired during an autonomous flight.

6) Professional aerial thermography training: If you are a customer who needs a complete solution for aerial thermography, we can not only sell you the drone, infrared camera and special software, we can also teach you how to use it with maximum efficiency. You will be trained for handling the choosen thermosystem by an expert from Workswell or Optris company, depending on which thermographic device you prefer.

7) Thoroughgoing training for applications in precision agriculture: Our customers, who are interested in UAV applications relating to precision agriculture, will be trained for flying in autonomous mode, preparation of a drone, data processing and analyzing, sensor operation and so on.