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Aerial Thermography

What exactly is thermography?

Thermal cameras detect radiation in the range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of that radiation called thermographs. The amount of radiation emitted by an object is proportional to its temperature, so thermography allows us to see variations in temperature in the scene independently of the area illumination. Thermography is commonly used in healthcare, agriculture, protecting endangered species, waste management or as a nightvision. It is also used for surveillance uses, fire detection, energy efficiency or condition monitoring.

Advantages of thermography

At first, it shows a visual picture so temperatures over a large area can be compared. Moreover, it is capable of catching moving targets in real time. Using this technology, you will be able to find deteriorating, i.e., higher temperature components prior to their failure. Infrared cameras can be also used to measure or observe in areas inaccessible or hazardous for other methods. In any case, it is of course a non-destructive test method. Thermography is also a very useful tool for searching defects in shafts, pipes, and other metal or plastic parts and detecting objects in dark areas.

Aerial thermography

Aerial thermography is a summarizing term which includes both unmanned aerial device with an infrared camera scanning. UAV thermography is widely used among environmentalists, security guards or technicians.

But conventional aircraft seems to be unnecessarily expensive and dangerous. UAV systems have proven themselves to be an incomparable alternative. Drones can boast on precise positioning, higher safety level and affordable costs.

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