Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.

About Us

VespaDrones Mission

We believe that using of UAV and UAS expects a great future. And although we are technical enthusiasts into almost everything that flies, do not focus only on the technical aspects of what we do. We do not therefore only sell products, but also solutions.

We believe that drones will not be only the domain of the military in the future, but that reach all potential civilian fields. UAVs will be highly robotize with advanced artificial intelligence, and will be our helpers in all possible areas of our lives.

VespaDrones Strategy

Are you interested, what is our main attitude to UAV production and design in general? We simply don´t make unified drones, we are focused on highly customized solutions. Our crucial strategy is to communicate with our customers as much as possible in order to understand their needs. If we receive a detailed picture of what UAV applications our customers need, we can provide them the best solution possible.

Every drone manufacturer usually claims that his aircrafts and copters are the best on the market. Vespadrones has a different strategy. We listen to our customers very carefuly so we can simply give them perfectly customized UAV configurations and solutions, precisely tailored for their needs and demands. In addition, we won´t leave you grope in the dark after purchasing our product. We would gladly show you how to use it for maximum perfection and contentment.

Company Details

Our company details are:

Mensuro s.r.o. (Ltd)
Zborovska 98
301 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic, Europe
VAT: CZ29113580
Company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Pilsen, Czech Republic, Section C, Insert 25736

Why choose VespaDrones?

Vespa Drones is a company that centres around basic ideals of its employees. Vespa Drones stands for professional and hobby, Vespa Drones stands for experience, reliability and sincerity. Vespa Drones is all that you need to look for in the field of UAVs. Our company is focusing on promotion, sales and service works which are connected with unmanned aerial vehicles. Vespa Drones was found recently by a group of UAV veterans. They combined their powers to create what they think will satisfy any future customer. Vespa Drones guarantees top class services, highly professional approach and experienced team of employees.

UAV technology makes your life easier. UAS has already found many places where it can be useful to us, be it precision agriculture, public safety, monitoring, surveillance, accurate 3D maps, movies, photos, thermal imagery and more UAVs are there to help you. Vespa Drones provides you with complete solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles, drones and copters. We offer our vast portfolio of products which are always up to date. Moreover, we provide our customers with long lasting services as they discover the potential of their drones. Vespa Drones  offers copters in several configurations and these are quadrocopter, hexacopter and octocopter. The copters we offer are not only in various sizes but additional customization is enabled through the vast selection of peripheries which we offer, they range from the colour of propellers to the “brain” of the drone.

We provide our customers with bonus services which are unique to our approach to the trade. Vespa Drones offers a day of free flight school for inexperienced users or anybody who wants to learn more about the UAVs and how they work. We try to meet your need and so we tailor every order to suit the customer. We also offer two types of basic setups, one is a RTF (ready to fly) kit which is basically a pre-completed package that you can fly right after unpacking, the other is a standard kit which requires completing after delivery. Last but not least, one of the few companies in Europe we offer full warranty service and repair shop for your drones.

Accidents happen and that is a fact we, as a company, can change nothing about. There was, however, something that we could change something about, and we did. Several years ago our customers found it hard to get their drones repaired and so did we. This led us to a conclusion that we should repair the drones ourselves and so we built our very own service repairs centre. As one of the few service centres as such, we take pride in our craft and so we have all the professional tools together with the skilled professionals who know how to take care of your damaged UAVs. VespaDrones can also guarantee swift repairs of your drones because of our very own warehouse filled with parts just waiting to be put to good use instead of your damaged ones. For more information about the service repairs do not hesitate and contact us via e-mail or phone.

History of our company

Our company was founded in early 2011 by experts in the development and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. From the beginning we try to offer and deliver professional UAV, drones and copters that help our customers in various applications, where the deployment of conventional helicopters and airplanes are uneconomical or impossible.

Over a period of our existence we realized that selling a drone in a form of unified configuration is just not working. We figured out that this is not a real solution. Much more important is to listen every single customer and than strive to create a highly tailored UAV solution. Since that time we are concerned with making unique and customized configurations. Each is different for each customer to meet his needs and be ideal tool for each UAV application.

Customer Testimonials

  • I work at a geodetic company and I use drones mainly for aerial photografhy. Unfortunately, I had an accident recently. But as a VespaDrones customer I have my drone fixed really swiftly and professionally. I truly appreciate such service, because I know I can rely on them in any case of future problems. (Yiannis, Greece)
  • I often flight with my drone in pretty difficult conditions. That´s why the VespaDrones Flight School was really useful to me. I have gained basic flight abilities there so I was able to start running my bussiness very quickly. (Edd, UK)
  • I required a drone for specific applications. In other words, I needed a smart bespoke solution. Cooperation with VespaDrones has turned out very well. I must say they can really promptly react to the specific client requirements. (Marcel, Belgium)
  • To be honest, I used to have some flight problems at the begining. I probably didn´t choose the right solution for the first time, but thanks to cooperation with the VespaDrones my problem has been solved. They changed my drone configuration and now I´m completely satisfied. I´m really glad for such support. (Andy, Spain)

Enviromental Protection

UAV – unmanned aerial vehicles are lightweight remote controlled flying machines. The difference between environmentally friendly UAS and the opposite is defined by the type of fuel used and the amount of noise produced.

Our copters use electric motors and so they do not produce any CO2 or other combustion fumes. We believe that it is important to protect the environment in which we live and at the same time we know that it is important to observe and monitor it. This is why our company provides environment friendly sUAVs that will not disturb local wildlife with excessive noise or massive proportions. Our drones can hover quietly above the place you need to monitor or swiftly pass through a bigger area.

Whether you want to model a 3D map, shoot a video of an animal, carry out surveillance, guide your agricultural machines or simply take a photo, our copters will assist you without disturbing their surroundings or polluting the air. Moreover, in case of an accident, our drones are small and cause no damage to the environment when they crash.

You will not be the first to use drones while considering the environmental issues but you might be the next. Many have already had their positive experience with sUAV.  To demonstrate why UAVs are better than a helicopter or a plane we present a few examples of such a use of drones that benefits the environment around them.