Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.

XYRIS 6 PERFORMANCE – The Most Advanced Hexacopter


A matter of style

 There are UAVs which are meant for those who just need a reliable, functional and universal aerial helper for their applications or work. Buying of such a drone is like to buy a solid and practical car with a good quality standard of on-road performance which you can always rely on. But there are also people for who that´s just not enough. People who demand not only the best technical quality, but who desire to own something exclusive and unique as well. They never buy simply a product, but also an idea, a new way of thinking and a part of their personality. They don´t really want a solid car, they actually want an racing masterpiece. Well then, if you belong to this class, here´s something what you´re definitely going to love. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the most advanced brand new hexacopter XYRIS 6 PERFORMANCE! We are currently finishing the development and testing of this black and white shiny marvel, which we believe is going to be the biggest deal in aerial GoPro shooting on the market.

The greatest GoPro aerial shooting ever

 P is for Performance, P is for Perfection and Power. Wherever you go, whatever you do, it can never be so exciting like with the XYRIS 6 PERFORMANCE. Would you like to know how cool can be an aerial shooting with a GoPro camera? We will provide you the very best UAS configuration for aerial videography, that´s for sure. However, this prodigy of ours is really something more than that. It has the image, striking design and very interesting features which make this hexacopter to be definitely ahead of its time. Are you excited already? Honestly, there is really a lot of things to look forward. The hexacopter involves the most possible precise setting and balancing. Moreover, you will totally appreciate its flight time, which is going to be truly astonishing. This very UAV means both stability and agility, for it is created for action and swift flying. We take security for granted and that´s why the XYRIS 6 PERFORMANCE is equipped with one-power output fail protection. Even in case of a damaged engine it can land safely and smoothly. Last but not least, the white body with black carbon frame combination is really outstanding desing and you will totally make a strong impression on anyone.

The Magnificent SIx

Sometimes the best things really come from above. And this one is coming soon. Come and meet the new highly exclusive experience of the GoPro aerial shooting. When we began work on the new UAV, we firstly considered every element which defines an advanced hexacopter – structure, manoeuvrability, speed, flight time, agility, equipement, power, stability. But we didn´t be content with just making of a perfect aerial robot. We challenged ourselves to bring also a bit of luxury and timeless design in order to create something extraordinary. With the XYRIS 6 PERFORMANCE you don´t buy just a flying machine, you actually really buy the wings. So go for it. In fact, we really can´t wait what you can do with this innovation. It´s meant for a strong and creative personalities, people who can´t believe in any limits. That means that using this magnificant drone you can became a part of a pioneering community which is living the future already now. Step out of the line, it´s simple. Meet the new XYRIS 6 PERFORMANCE. The Magnificent Six.