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UAS gangsters using infra cameras to find cannabis farms


       As you probably know, infrared cameras have a large number of various using possibilities. Connected to UAV, they are a great deal in a field of precision agriculture,surveillance, terrain mapping, rescue operations, pipelines supervisions and so on. However, as usual, everything what was made with good intention, can be also misused. And this is already happening now e.g. in UK. In Shropshire, around the small towns surrounding Birmingham, local criminals are using drones equipped by infrared cameras to search for illegal cannabis farms. Afterwards they can steal the weed from the growers, for they make perfect targets. The victim won´t certainly report such crime to the authorities.

        Moreover, the cannabis growers use a hydroponic lights with a huge amounts excess heat. That´s why it is a way easy to find such overheating place in a forest or a back country with a thermographic camera placed on a swift copter. According to one of these UAS gangsters, they are consider this way of stealing as a „fair game“, because they do something ilegal to somebody who already has broken the law. As this gentleman said, half a time they even don´t need to use a violence to get a crop. Very comforting, isn´t it? Sometimes this gangs don´t steal the crop from the growers, they just „tax“ them.

           Growing of cannabis has gone reportedly mainstream, the number of the illegal farms in Britain had doubled since 2008. Speaking of such topic, you might remeber some another case, which involved drones and illegal drugs. For example, there was recently an attempt to smuggle drugs into the prison in Melbourne. Unfortunately, this pretty well-known incident is not the only case of the drone misuse. As we can see from the above mentioned, aerial thermography can be use for both precision agriculture and precision robbing. However, this can seriously spoil an hope of some reasonable legislation for the UAS. So please, hide your crops well and don´t give a criminal a single chance.