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Thermal vision camera systems for UAVs


Aerial thermography is a great technology platform for many UAV applications, no doubts about that. Structure monitoring and inspections, night surveillance, detecting objects in dark areas or agriculture applications, these are just a few examples of its benefit. But how to choose a proper thermal vision system for your needs? Which one is an ideal tool for your drone?And which parametres and abilities should be taken as crutial for your decision? We know very well that the decision process might be difficult, so here are some tips for you. This article should work as a little guide in a world of thermal vision systems.

FLIR and their new Vue Pro camera

FLIR is a well-know leading company which is focused on infrared imaging technology. Their camera lenses are part of many worldwide thermal vision systems. FLIR literally brought thermal imaging to the masses with the Flir One — an infrared camera case designed for smartphones. It became a big hit, and has gotten lots of attention (both good and bad) since its release — but the company isn’t stopping just there. Nowadays, the firm is bringing thermal imaging to the skies with the release of the Vue Pro: a compact infrared camera designed specifically for drones. It´s not mention for hobbyists. Flir designed it for professional mapping, surveying, and agricultural uses.

Termoteknix Systems Ltd.

Thermoteknix is a British company, founded in 1982. They have 30 years of consistent technical experience in infrared thermal imaging and thermal vision measurement based hardware, systems and software application products. Thermoteknix developed TherMonitor Reporter and ThermaGRAM electronic hardware and software in the early 1980’s and marketed them in partnership with leading IR camera suppliers. We should also mention their VisIR portable infrared camera, the world’s first infrared camera with simultaneous video display, voice recording, Wi-Fi and Touch-screen Operator interface for Predictive Maintenance.

Micro-Epsilon’s thermoIMAGER

Micro-Epsilon is a UK based company with over 45 years of experience. Their new thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight infrared camera is designed for easy mounting to a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles for UAV applications like thermographic surveying and defect analysis of photovoltaic cells and wind turbines. The thermal vision system consists of a miniature infrared camera(Micro-Epsilon’s thermoIMAGER TIM 400 or 450 thermal imager) and a lightweight ‘NetBox mini’ PC. The camera measures only 111 x 55 x 45mm and is able to measure temperature ranges from -20 to 1500°C. Moreover, it has a spectral range of 7.5 to 13µm, changeable lenses, power supply and operation via USB, and LabVIEW software interface.

Workswell thermal vision systems

Workswell is a Czech based company, focusing on the development of new trends in non-contact temperature measurement using thermal cameras and industrial pyrometers. They supply industrial fields including the building industry, food industry, chemical industry, security technologies along with integration into industrial processes as an element of input-output control. What is a quite unique about Workswell, is the fact that they actually produce imaging system specially designed for drones and thermographic applications in the air. Thanks to our cooperation with Workswell we can offer you their great thermal imaging systems for dronesThermal Vision Pro and Thermal Vision Light. Of course, we do not just sell the products, so you can look also forward to complete thermographic training. There you will be taught by an expet from Workswell, how to use their thermal vision system in the most efficient way. We are able to customize the thermographic solution precisely for your needs and goals, so please do not hesitate to ask us about anything.


What you can do with your UAV and Workswell Thermal Vision System?