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Thermal Imager Optris PI 640 Lightweight Kit, optical resolution of 640×480 pixels


 Anyone who is interested in infrared cameras and their benefit to the UAV applications probably already has heard about the Optris company. This is undoubtedly a leading mark in thermography, also well known for their long-standing orientation on UAS solutions. So in today post I would like to present you the latest Optris infrared camera PI 640, which is reportedly the smallest thermal imager worldwide. One of the greatest news about this device is absolutely its new optical resolutions which achieves of 640×480 pixels. Compare to the previous Optris thermo measuring cameras, this resolution is obviously better. And so, with this product Optris catches up the competitive companies such as FLIR. With a body size of 46x56x90 mm and a weight of 320 g including lens, PI 640 can definitely stand comparison to similar tiny infrared cameras as the only recording of radiometric videos with 32 Hz at mentioned VGA resolution. So, there are some more technical details. The camera´s thermal sensitivity achieves 75 mK with a measuring temperature range prom -20 °C to 900 °C. Optris also offers the royalty-free application software “PI Connect” for maximally effective process integration. PI Connect provides a whole spectrum of operations, documentation, monitoring, editing IR videos and so forth.

 Apparently, Optris really can make a small and light weight thermo camera both for industrial and minor UAV applications. If you want to use the PI 640 camera with your drone, you will surely appreciate to get in a lightweight kit form. Combination of a micro computer and PI infrared camera weighs just 380 grams. That´s why this product is a great solution for aerial thermography, shooting aerial videos or inspecting building structures, solar and power systems from your UAV. The delivered miniaturized PC is always the same, but it can be used in a combination with various models of PI infrared cameras. The lightweight kit also offers a support for HD camera readout via additional USB port, which makes this product even way more universal. It means that you can easily connect for exemple a GoPro camera or others. Because of the kit´s feathery weight is possible to mount the whole device even on micro drones with a small payload capacity.

As we mentioned above, the PI 640 infrared camera brings on the market a significantly better visual resolution the we were used to before with Optris products. You can appreciate this advantage particularly in industrial applications which demand a high level of precision. That´s where pin-sharp infrared pictures and videos are of essence for process monitoring and optimization. Now we are talking about delicate operations such as surveillance and quality assurance or inspecting in the automotive sector or in the plastics branch, and in the semi-conductor as well as. photovoltaic industries. The hight resolution real-time thermographic aerial imaging proves to be greatly useful in the area of UAV applications where a lower image quality is just not enough. Better quality simply means more precise information about the explored area or object, as same as a better chance to avoid mistakes during processing of the imagery. Well, I suppose that would be more or less all about this really promising new Optris infrared camera for a brief introduction. I wish you a lot of exciting experiences with aerial thermography, no matter if you are considering to purchase the Optris PI 640 camera or not.