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Thermal camera Optris PI 450 Lightweight Kit and GoPro


In Vespadrones we genuinely believe that the Optris company presents still the best solution for UAV thermography applications. That´s why we continually try hard to do our best in optimalization of our drones for use with Optris equipment. For example, an infrared camera Optris PI 450 was fully integrated into our hexacopter XYRIS 6 for maximalization of its efficiency. The integration consists mainly in successfull attachment of a Netbox mini computer on the drone from below. The biggest advantage of the whole thing is that because when we don´t have to place the Netbox on a camera gimbal as usually, there is still enough space for e.g. GoPro camera next to the Optris PI 450 camera. Apparently, if we use both infrared and GoPro camera simultaneously, we can also compare the video materials gathered from them.

So why is it the GoPro camera support so useful? It´s actually pretty simple. As you might know, the Optris PI 450 infrared camera does not capture images individually, one by one, but it performs video shooting continually, during the whole flight time in full resolution quality. It means that a user will get a fully-fledget image format from which can be selected various neccessary data. Thereby, all the thermographic information are being processed after finishing the flight, in a postprocessing way. Because of that could be sometimes difficult to discern individual problem from the infrared images when you doing this later in an office. Especially for persons who are not so experienced in aerial thermography can be sometimes tricky to understand the context. And that´s exactly why you will definitely appreciate the additive GoPro camera. Thanks to the extra captured video footage you can comprehend simply the reasons of temperature changes and similar relevant discoveries on the obtained images. Moreover, you can plug the GoPro camera directly into the Netbox computer via a USB port and use it for battery charging. It´s always better if the GoPro camera has not to rely on its tiny battery, but it can be suplied by a main battery of your drone.