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The NY Public Library tour seen through the ‘eyes’ of a drone


Very interesting video goes round the internet. I don’t really know whether it is a commercial for NYPL, for DJI Phantom drones or whether it is just a spontaneous idea, but it surely is a wonderful video showing us New York Public Library from our favourite birds-eye perspective. Seems like most likely the first drone ever that flown inside the NY Public Library.

Some might say that it could cause damage but book defenders can stay calm. Everyone in the video was involved in the shoot and lots of safety precautions were taken so that no books were harmed in the making of this video.

The whole video was shot with DJI Phantom equipped with a Hero3 Black GoPro camera or iPhone 5S.

So much for semi-autonomous quadcopter technology right now but I’m pretty sure we will see more of these in the near future.