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The Leptron Avenger: A new way for precision agriculture


Hello everyone and welcome to my first log on this blog.

To be honest, I´m quite a newbie on a this field of technology, nevertheless I´ll try to keep the blog regularly. I also hope that quality and general benefit of my articles will be increasing, so you could always find here some useful and interesting news about the UAV.

We all have heard surely a lot about drone military usage, but my main personal interest belongs to their undoubtedly great potential in a civil area. Besides a very promising development of involving unmanned air vehicles into rescue operations, firefighting or terrain mapping, there awaits a bright future for drones in precision agriculture as well. To be a farmer means dealing with large lands area which need an unceasing maintenance, supervision and protection, so you have to keep everything in fragile balance and solve loads of different problems every day. That’s why UAV can be very useful farmer’s helper and the reason of its more and more frequent employment in agriculture. Although many farmers have already discovered the contribution of a drone taking fields photos, which might bring them a valuable data about fertilization status or necessity to pesticide, we are just at the very beginning of this new agriculture era.

Anyway, the essential key for a good precision agriculture development lies in productive communication between UAV and UAS innovators and farmers. I find this year´s Colorado Farm Show in Greeley to be a good example of such cooperation. This kind of events could be a great opportunity for progressive company how to demonstrate their useful copter and its capability on public. However, buying the latest UAV may be something what especially small farmers can´t afford. Fortunately, there is a simple and smart solution even for them. For example, Sanborn Map Co. of Colorado Springs offers their fully hi-tech equipped drone to hire. The drone is called Leptron Avenger, electric device and can reach heights of more than 12,000 feet (3,6 kilometres).    It’s basically a kind of service, which means that the company will gather required data for farmers, using their high-flying drone. Well, I guess this is a pretty good and cheap compromise if you occasionally need precise information about your crops. And there exist more companies offering similar services nowadays.

Unfortunately, the Leptron Avenger still works just for exhibitions purposes because of the Federal Aviation Administration drone ban. So let’s hope that the lawmakers will be soon able to set up some reasonable limits, which won’t be an obstacle for making people’s lives easier with the aid of the new technology. I can definitely imagine some further contribution of UAV usage in precision agriculture. For instance, couldn’t we use drones even for irrigation or planting? Might be a pure imagination, but visions and dreams have always been an essential part of every great invention in mankind history. So lift off, keep flying and maybe you can be the lucky winner of this year’s Drone Prize: