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Tetracam and Pix4D form an alliance to improve precision agriculture


As you might know, both Tetracam and Pix4D are well-known companies on a field of airborne remote sensing, multispectral imaging and software development. This year they decide to make an another step forward and creat a global alliance that combines the technical strengths of both companies. The main goal of this cooperation should by improving precision agriculture based on UAV technology, so I believe that many farmers in near future will appreciate their work. Actually, this alliance is only a logical result of many preceding series of strategic partnerships and fast-paced product releases that typify companies producing systems for the rapidly-evolving unmanned aircraft system marketplace. If you read our blog regularly, you should probably know that the Tetracam company is a leading mark in multispectral imaging and their products have a fantastic potential in combination with UAS. Anyway, their latest great multispectral camera Tetracam ADC Snap can be already purchased in our e-shop for some time:

AS we already mentioned above, Tetracam company manufactures multi-spectral imaging systems for monitoring visible and near-infrared radiation reflected from agricultural crops and forestlands to find threats to vegetation from disease, insects, weeds, water shortages, or poor crop management. They also produce cameras that simultaneously look up and down for measuring reflected radiation as an exact fraction of incident radiation in order to expose subtle secrets which may be hidden in plant bio-chemistry. Therefore, Tetracam´s products are an essential matter for anyone who is seriously interested in precision agriculture. With a Tetracam camera placed on your UAV you can´t make a mistake. We also mentioned the ADC Snap multi-spectral camera, which uses ultra-high speed snap-sensor machine-vision technology to capture instantaneous images of the ground. Moreover, captured images are totally clear, without any camera blur or any other defects, typical for aerial photography.

Regarding the Pix4D company, they field of bussines is mainly developing and distributing of a special software, which can be a great processing tool particularly in precision agriculture, aerial mapping and so on. The software allows users to convert thousands of aerial images taken from UAV or ordinary manned aircraft into two dimensional ortho-mosaics and 3D surface models and point clouds with survey-grade accuracy with centimeter-level precision. Pix4D mapper is uniqe device in its simplicity, it´s highly automated with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it even extends the excellent power of Tetracam multi-spectral cameras and usually removes the need for aircraft gimbals and even lens corrective calibration. But that´s actually not everything, these two companies have more plans for future. Reportedly, the are currently working on software integration to allow simple importing of images and seamless production of 2D and 3D ortho-mosaics. Apparently, such cooperation brings many benefits for both of the sides, but mainly for UAV farmers who are keen on precision agriculture and its advantages. However, we have to wait a bit to see how will the partnership turn out.