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Precision farming news: Optimised eBee Ag drone


SenseFly announced eBee Ag drone for fully optimized precision farming workflow

From drone to tractor – that is the vision for a farmer of tommorow. Now senseFly, a drone manufacturer from Switzerland, aims to add its part into the increasing number of agricultural UAVs. And I must admit they have done it in a great style. SenseFLy optimised its eBee Ag drone configuration, including a new software which is mention for professional farmers. The software allows them to capture their lands in high-resolution photos and analyse health of the crops as well. As we already mentioned on this blog for a few times, better measurment means also better chance to be prepared for anything what can you expect from being a farmer. Moreover, if you really want to do a precision farming, keep readig about this promising innovation among UAV applications.

A fully compatible software for precision agriculture

The software for precision farming is fully compatible with the output prescriptions – you don´t need any data to upload to the cloud thanks to this. Your business data will remain confidental. As we are used to with other precision farming systems, you can fly with your copter and quickly produce NDVI maps of your crops, than identify problematic spots, diseases, pests or other disastres, than create prescriptions and make inevitable arrangements to happened. This kind of using UAS is becoming widely known nowadays – no doubt about that. Soon we won´t be able to even imagine a tractor driver without a drone above him. But let´s get back to the eBee Ag. Every product is supplied with Postflight Terra 3D 3.4, which make acting on the drone´s data as simple as planning its flight.

Effective workflow in five steps

The precision farming workflow basically includes five steps. At first, you simply fly the drone. Of course, you should generate a flight plane thoroughly before flying the aircraft. There is even special eMotion software for it. It throws the eBee Ag into the air on its autonomous flight. Got it? Good. Your UAV will fly, capture the images and land automatically, so you don´t need to be an expert drone pilot to use the advantages of precision farming. The second step is creating a quick NDVI map with Postflight Terra 3D. The generated map is geo-accurate and it can be opened on any GPS-enabled device for guiding crop scouting, walking in the field and so on. After that you should probably go back at the office. In there the Postflight Terra 3D is used for creating a more detailed map of the crop. Than you simply apply preferred vegetation index to further analyse the crop´s health and other indicators. After you done that, it´s time to create a custom preparation. You really need to know how many kilos of pesticide, herbicide, fertiliser or other titbit you ought to apply. Thanks to this precision farming workflow you already know the precise state of your crops and lands, so you have a great tools to do the neccessary. The last step is exporting of the application map in shapefile format, from which can be loaded directly into a tractor´s console. From there you can simple open in a preffered farm management info system. It´s up to you.


I hope you find today´s post to be helpful. In Vespadrones we are prepared to help you to improve your precision farming, just let us know. In our shop we have prepared several multispectral cameras for this application, like Tetracam ADC LiteADC Micro or ADC Snap. As an excellent alternative we offer you also GEMS sensor.