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Pixhawk: An autonomous flight with no limits


 I think that the possibility of autonomous flight is probably one of the most exciting facts about the UAVs. However remote controlling might be cool, a sophisticated autopilot system is definitely the thing which brings our copters significantly closer to the real flying robots from the future. Today I would like to present you a very promising alternative from a field of advanced autopilot systems. So, this tiny miracle is called Pixhawk and it was the PX4 open-hardware project who made it. A final manufacturing has been performed by 3D Robotics. The control unit is pretty much universal, suited to control any drone and seems to be a great deal mainly in aerial survey, precision agriculture, multispectral mapping and similar applications.

 The main advantages of this device lie in its advanced processor a sensor technology. This allowes real-time operations, as same as a controlling reliability. Moreover, if you want to do some aerial mapping, you will surely appreciate the fact that every taken image will contain specific informations about precise altitude, coordinates and such. We should also mention another interesting features of the Pixhawk, like integrated multithreading, a Unix/Linux programming environment and some totally new autopilot functions. There is for example Lua scripting of missions and flight behavior or custom PX4 driver layer enabling precise timing across all processes. In addition, there are even possibilities of additional peripheral devices, such as a digital airspeed sensor, an external multi-color LED indicator support or an external magnometer.

Despite the fact that the Pixhawk distribution is currently limited to a certain number of countries, we offer you this excellent autopilot control unit for the UAS with no problem. Our main choice is to use it for much better level of aerial mapping, 3D terrain modeling, aerial photography or precision agriculture. Thanks to the great universality and flexibility of the Pixhawk unit there is no problem to change a normal camera for a multispectral camera or infrared camera. As I already mention above, this device represents a really interesting alternative in a field of autonomous UAV flight with almost no limitations. Well, I hope that I was convincing enough and gave you a brief but useful image about what the Pixhawk is. So if you are interesting in autonomous flying, you can of course contact us for more informations or purchase the Pixhawk via our webshop: