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New horizons for aerial thermography


      Come with us to a small journey through an infrared spectrum, reveal some new stunning examples of UAV thermography application and its benefit. The potential of aerial thermography is undoubtedly tremendous, but it has not been fully discovered and appreciated yet. Along with current increasing drone boom we can rightfully expect also new ways of deployment of thermographic sensors in the air. It is fair to say, UAV technology for civil purposes is no longer a matter of rich countries and large companies, it is being used also in the name of public benefit in such societies like is India, Indonesia or in Africa states. Speaking of India, the latest news is that drones with infrared cameras will be patrolling the streets of New Delhi in order to prevent violent crimes against women. As you might know, this is lately hot topic in the worldwide media, for public abusing and mass raping is still a horrific problem in this subcontinent, especially in big cities. In a wake of rising push of Equal street movement, local police recognized the need for more effective measure to curtail such crimes. And aerial thermography should play in important part at the struggle. Therefore, north Delhi will become the first district with complete camera surveillance in this city. Combined range of drones and CCTVs would help to achieve this goal.

    The UAS for aerial surveillance in New Delhi will reportedly also have anti-shaking software which should cancel any tremble in the video alternatively caused by the drone´s rotating blades. This could ensure steady pictures and highly effective aerial thermography. The police official also noted the the UAV will be capable of operating under all weather conditions, even in heavy rain or windy environment. The number of deployed drones will count about three or four machines for this particular district. If this UAV task will end up succesfully, it should spread also into other districts and cities in India.

        And now for something slightly different. Did you know that aerial thermography can be used for pollution detection in the air? There exists a new project which aims to deploy drones to detect methane leaks in dangerous area. Methane belongs among often underestimated gases, because is more eco-friendly than other fossil fuels. Despite of that, methane is the 2nd most produced greenhouse gas emitted in the United States, 60% of global methane emissions are directly caused by human activity, mainly by industry or agricultural activities. According to the recent NASA satellite project, a small methane hot-spot measured in the southwest of the USA  it is the sole culprit for producing the largest spike of greenhouse gas ever measured on this side of the world. But how can we fight this colorless and odorless gas, which is definitely not harmless for the environment? Aerial thermography seem to be a great game-changer in this matter for many reasons. At first, this way of detection is relatively not very expensive solution, it´s also easy to conduct on the fly, or it general thermography detection can be done on the ground. Drones today are able to perform both in high altitudes and closely to the terrain level. Moreover, since infrared cameras are no more affordable to the masses, whistle blowers or public patrols producing videos with thermographic technology are hard to ignore by government agencies and politicians, especially when comes to policy making and enforcement.