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Multispectral Camera RedEdge™: First look


Creating of new generation of multispectral cameras which are mentioned to be a lightweight payload for UAV allows farmers and agriculturists to deploy small multicopters for precision agriculture even more easily and effective. Today I would like to present you a first look onto the latest member from multispectral camera family, the RedEdge™. This interesting device was recently unveiled by the MicaSense company as an advanced multispectral camera which is optimized for use in drones. RedEdge extends the range of current tools for modern farmers and growers which are now affraid of UAS technology, but the other way around. They now that multispectral imaging and multicopters are empowering them to closely and easily monitor their crops and allowing them to quickly react to any changes. Moreover, with only 150 grams of weight, RedEdge presents to be a really versatile and universal sensor which can be mounted to basically any drone configuration to provide real scientific-grade imagery across five discrete bands for accurate and repeatable crop health maps.

         RedEdge multispectral camera is reportedly distinguished by outstanding ease of integration with virtually any aircraft. Therefore, it could put drones to work faster than ever before. To be honest, I really like the futuristic but yet very smooth and functional design as well. Thanks to the characteristic red-coloured look and five-eyed shape you can definitely recognize this mulispectral camera among the others. Thanks to the wi-fi connectivity you can control the camera simply with any mobile device. In addition, the RedEdge includes a full-featured host integration to any platform, which makes it to be a truly versatile tool. Data processing after imagery capturing is ensured by MicaSense’s cloud-based processing solution which is able to turn raw data into applicable informations. You can also obtain a number of mapping or GIS applications thanks to standardized data output and post-processing. With capturing five discrete spectral bands once per second this multispectral camera allows you to fly fast and in low altitudes with no limitation. Global shutter design ensures that captured images are completely distortion-free. Other features, like time stamping and geo tagging, are nowadays commonplace with advantages multispectral imaging. However, external GPS connections and self-triggering capability, which easily collecting geo-tagged data without any connections to the host vehicle, is a definitely handy thing to use.

     In order to provide a complete solution for UAV applications like precision agriculture, MicaSense is teaming with many drone technology companies. Regarding this cooperation we can mention Aerial Information Platform, Airware, Draganfly Innovations and others. According to Zenon Dragan from Draganfly Innvations, the RedEdge stands out among other UAV payloads, for it is easy to use, lightweight, high-quality and delivers amazing imagery. Indeed, a multispectral camera and remote sensing brings us radically new perspectives on the health and vigor of crops. In Vespadrones, we have prepared for you several solutions for precision agriculture. Probably one of the most famous and greatest companies focused on this UAV application is Tetracam. Therefore, we offer you products from their ADC family, such as Tetracam ADC SnapADC Lite or ADC Micro. If you wish to have some interesting alternative in your decision, there is also GEMS Precision Agriculture Sensor Payload, a truly state of the art air-vehicle multispectral camera.