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MikroKopter: Inspecting has never been so easy


As you might know, MikroKopter is an established German company specialized on developement and sale of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). MikroKopter is currently one of the most popular and the most professional available kit systems and it is being used all around the world. This UAS truly offeres a huge spectrum of various application, although it means that getting to know the MKTool and the whole configuration could be a real task. But the results are definitely worth it. So, let me present you some little bit more detailed examples of what can be done with this fabulous drones. At first, the field of high structure inspecting is totally one of these where the copters can be used with a great benefit. Especially in concerns such structures like streetlights, electricity poles or exterior surfaces of buildings.

Recently, there has been a promising project designed by the Queensland University of Technology, which includes this very mentioned aerial inspecting with MikroKopters. The team were focused on how precisely could UAVs help workers in dangerous situation. In a same time, they aimed to not take away their jobs. Apparently, inspecting of streetlights or high building structures is always pretty dangerous, difficult and not very effective, if it´s performed manually. On the other hand, by steadily flying up, down and around the streetlamp while scanning it for structural faults, the MikroKopter can make this duty much safer for inspectors. So it reduces risk significantly and makes it more effective in a same time. The Queensland University team is also developing a shared autonomy control station that enables synergy between the ground-based operator and the inspection copter. Moreover, they recently developed a new onboard camera, suited for UAS, which helps to the drone to sense and track streetlight pole while keeping a fixed stand-off distance from it

Obviously, one of the main goals is to make the work for the MikroKopter operator easier and more effective, he should need to know only the basic piloting skills, like controlling the height and rotation around the pole. So there shouldn´t be any risk of crushing the copter or losing control. The workers just could become UAV operators and get rid of dangerous ladders and expensive cherry-pickers. However, there are plenty of other ways of using the MikroKopters. For example, just look at the video of MikroKopter flying over wind turbine while filming it. The new MK firmware allows to this guy to predefine both waypoints and speed for a required route of the copter. I find this to be a truly marvelous job, especially the video is astonishing. So, I hope this blog post presented at least some examples of how can be used the MikroKopter abilities in practice. And last but not least, there is even one more suggestion. If you already have some MikroKopter product or if you considering to buying one, you can always contact our MikroKopter repair service in case of any trouble: