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Horizon:51 to Release Fully Equipped Ground Stations


When you become a proud owner of a unmanned aerial vehicle for business or pleasure, you certainly need to get a proper equipment. Before your multi-rotor UAV can actually take off you have to prepare many accessories such as: FPV screen or goggles  for video downlink, a receiver for the video link, a laptop for telemetry and mission planning and another receiver for the data link and many other important things. All this is referred to as a ground station.

Normally, you have to construct these things yourself and here is where the trouble begins. Especially when you are not exactly a master in electrical engineering. Luckily, folks from Horizon:51, the latest company to break into the commercial UAV market, decided to ease your life a bit by releasing their own, full-equipped ground station systems. You can choose between two options but both are fully-fledged ground stations.

First option is a pure FPV ground station comprising a Peli hard case, integrated 8” TFT screen, voltage monitor, diversity receiver (which is essentially two receivers in one which constantly compete to get you the best signal), and space for your essentials like radio Tx and spares.

The second system is for more demanding users. It comprises again of a Peli hard case, but mounted deep within is a Celeron based PC running Windows 7. On the top side of the case you’ll find a 10” TFT touch screen monitor for your better viewing experience. And on the base side of the case is a mini keyboard and mouse pad for easier navigation around the pre-installed DJI Ground Station software. Other software can be pre-installed, or you can do it yourself. No more fumbling with a laptop!

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