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Hexacopter XYRIS 6 and GoPro HERO3 video shooting


Shooting with a GoPro camera has been always considered to be a quadcopter´s domain. But is it always the best choice? Isn´t there any reasonable alternative? Actually, if you try to use your GoPro camera with a hexacopter, you might be quite surprised. At first, just consider how shaky and unstable sometimes quadcopters are. However, if you try to use a hexacopter for the same purpose, you will get a perfectly stable image with no vibration and useless disturbances. Moreover, if you are going to use a GoPro camera in combination with a hexacopter configuration, you will get a surprisingly great flight time, because these UAVs are usually designed mainly for bigger cameras. Does it sound good to you? Well, this is actually not the end yet.

 What I´m going to say is, if you decide to acquire a hexacopter, you will be provided by more universal drone, than could quadcopter usually ever be. In fact, this choice can open you a way to the other applications, which might you want to use in future. Our hexacopter XYRIS 6 is normally equipped by DJI H3-D3 brushless gimbal: The point is that the gimbal can be anytime easily replaced by another gimbal for bigger cameras and sensors. For example, in our stock can be found this one which is particularly universal: With this gimbal can be your UAV equipped by larger cameras, such as Nex 5, Nex 7 and others. So the advantage what I´m talking about is obvious, with the same multicopter you can get a perfectly steady image for shooting with a GoPro camera, as same as a great all-purpose device which can handle bigger, heavier and more sophisticated sensors.

 At this very moment you might need just a drone for shooting with a GoPro camera, but think about the future. Our hexacopter XYRIS 6 is an outstanding and smart machine, which can offer you a wide range of possibilities. It´s not just a useful tool and helper in precision agriculture, thermography, but it can be also deployed in high structures inspecting, bridge constructions checking, as well the hexacopter can be interesting for security guards, firemen, search and rescue squads, humanitarians and much more. Anyway, if you find this informations to be interesting and would to find some more details and specifications about our hexacopter, please just follow this link: So, I hope that this post gave you maybe some fresh and original tips about aerial shooting with a GoPro camera, as well I tried to present some advantages of a hexacopter configuration, mainly regarding its universality. In any case I wish you a luck and succes in your UAS practise, whatever it concerns. Keep flying.