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Hexacopter and payload


Today´s post is about hexacopters, payload and the most common related mistakes. VespaDrones, as an experienced multicopter producent, are very good aware of the fact, that a large number of contemporary hexacopters are overloaded. They often carry a weight suited rather for octocopters. Thereby, a lot of troubles can be caused by this inappropriate overloading. Not only the flight time is significantly reduced, but also the engines are being pushed to the limits of their capacity. As you may imagine, this can causes unwanted vibrations from the overburdened engines.

 One of the deterrent examples could be hexacopter DJI S800, often carrying heavy gimbals, such as Zenmuse Z15, which is in many cases to cumbersome for this very hexacoper. I mean this no offence to the DJI, because they are established and leading high-quality company in UAS industry, nevertheless this is simply a fact. Mistakes done by the others provide us the opportunity to learn from them. That´s why we designed our XYRIS 6 with proper frame geometry, engines and suitable propellers, in order to provide you not only a great and convenient flight time, but also a problem-free payload capacity. Too heavy gimbals, too heavy cameras, these are one of the most common mistakes while using hexacopters. Not only regarding the using by customers, but even constructors might do such error. Therefore we did our best while developing XYRIS 6 to avoid this mentioned mistakes. It was actually one of the most essential criterions during the development.

 So, is you are currently considering to buy a hexacopter for any reason, XYRIS 6 could be an ideal choice. As our customer you can be totally sure that XYRIS 6 is optimized not just for the long flight time endurance, but also for appropriate payload, which can be carried without problems and any significant reduction of engine capacity. In addition, you can be definitely sure that your hexacopter will be always steady and vibration-free, which is certainly important, mainly if you are intend to use the UAV for aerial photography or videography. We hope that you will be fully content with our hexacopter and it will become a beneficent helper in your work, whatever it is. However, if you have any complains, notes or suggestions, please don´t hesitate to contact us. Communication with our costumers is always the best way how to improve our products and services and how to fix any possibly imperfection in what we do.