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Harvest – Agricultural Mapping System for DJI Inspire 1 announced


There are various different ways in the current drone development. Some of them are based on the most achievable versatility of the UAV, some of them are quite conversely focused on specialization for a specific UAV application. In our blog, we have already posted some news from the exciting world of precision agriculture. We also have on stock some multispectral cameras, mapping softwares and other equipment, suitable for crop monitoring. The latest agriculture mapping system was recently announced by UAVDirect. They exclusively released IR equipped DJI Inspire 1 mapping system, which is supposed to be a great tool and useful helper for modern agriculturalists. This version of Inspire 1 has a specially modified infrared camera for NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) measuring. As with every agriculture mapping system, this feature will allow you to see your crops in the infrared spectrum.

Monitoring of your plants and crops from above is an excellent way to precisely measure vegetation and its possible needs of nutrients, pesticides or watering. You will be able to recognize imminent danger, such as pests or diseases, and solve it in time. Agriculture mapping system can be used for delivering of maximum results thanks to the perfect optimalization of the whole farming workflow. However, such device for UAV precision agriculture is not only a great choice for a farmer, also UAS service providers can see it as an outstanding business opportunity and add the agriculture monitoring system to their portfolio. High resolution images from the infrared or hyperspectral cameras are pretty amazing – no doubt about that. Of course, it not just looks beautiful, but you will be astonished how great it is for exploration and monitoring. It can tell you easily and quickly which areas or places in your field are in suffer from heat stress, lack of nutrients or drought. Some basic analysis is possible to be done with a naked eye, although computers and special software can really add much more detailed information about specific needs, or where you should do an additional irrigation, fertilization and so on. Common thing are also nowadays GPS coordinates, which can help you to analyze and intervene surgically precisely.

Water and fertilizer are basically the biggest and the most expensive imputs in traditional farming and agriculture – agricultural mapping system can really help to reduce the costs. Inspire 1 Harvest is one of the newest drones for this solution and it´s reportedly affordable and easy to use. However, I will believe this when I see it in action. Not let us to be clear about the basic technical specifications. Harvest features Dual-Operator Controls, 4 K NDVI Video and 12 stills, 18 minutes of flight distance as far as 2 kilometres away from home-point, automatic return To Home, and even optional integration with popular mapping software and results delivered automatically. The package should also include 2 Nvidia Shields for pilot and camera control, a large field carrying case, 64GB Storage Card and a Pocket Wind Meter. Optional matters are 5.5 mm or 12 mm lens and blue or red filter.


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