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FPV flying with OSD information


Today we were outside to test flying with FPV display. First Person View is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the pilot’s view point. The vehicle is piloted remotely from a first-person perspective via an onboard camera, fed wirelessly to video goggles or a video monitor. More sophisticated setups include a pan-and-tilt gimbaled camera controlled by a gyroscope sensor in the pilot’s goggles. But it is quite difficult to estimate altitude of your drone only from the video. With display it is possible to land with direct view to coper but with FPV goggles it is really risky so we inserted OSD information to the video from camera.

For this purpose we used our testing drone with APM 2.5, minim OSD and Fatshark transmitter. We developed our own firmware for minim OSD because we were not satisfied with the original. The amazing thing is that our firmware is stable and we can choose which data and where on the screen they should be displayed. We selected e. g. altitude, flight mode, horizon, distance from home and so on. Another interesting fact is that even APM 2.5 has only one telemetry output we are able to connect minim OSD + 3dr telemetry radio for remote control of the drone. It is done by our special cable which connects right pins together. Contact us for more information.