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FLIR Tau 2 640 camera core: used all around the world


       In this article we would like to present you a few examples of the Flir Tau 2 640 cameras core usage. As you´ll see, the potential and widening of infrared cameras is truly remarkable. For instance, did you know the Flir Tau 2 is an important part of the Tuberculosis Free New Zealand program? Seriously, they are using this camera cores in their UAVs. With an infrared camera equipped drone are these people able to track and catch possibly dangerous and bovine TB infected possums a way more effectively. Apparently, the combination of an infrared image and a good controllable copter gives them a great chance against the carriers even during the night.

      If we stay for a while at the farmer topic, we can see how useful can Flir Tau 2 be in general. Of course, this device is not only for protection of New Zealand´s cattle, it´s also very beneficial in precision agriculture. Aeryon Scouts sUAS uses the Tau 2 640 uncooled camera core, which can be apply for commercial, military, or public safety purposes. With such thing can a farmer do a precision monitoring of his fields, keep an optimal environment, irrigation conditions and avoid the infection. All of this is enabled by using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index images or NDVI, which are extremely detailed and could also help you to measure and monitor plant growth and much more.


      What else? Well, there is another one illustration. And pretty impressive though. Even Desert Hawk III Unmanned Aircrafted System, designed for the global war on terror. This very next-generation air weapon uses Tau 2 640 for infrared scanning, searching an enemy, rescue operations, survey purposes and many other purposes throughout its missions. In my opinion, if is it ok to use for the United Kingdom military forces, you can definitely rely on Tau 640 as well. The ARS system gimbal uses Tau 640 for security applications and surveillance. This lightweight and smart system is specially designed for target tracking aims. For surveillance and targeting during the night is also developed the Nivisys UTAM-32 Universal Thermal Monocular. What a surprise, it´s also equipped by Tau 2 (324) camera core. And another handheld imager, the TS-1, uses the Flir Tau 640. So, I suppose I ´ve showed more or less illustratively some of the wide range of Tau 2 camera cores possibilities, not only considering UAVs. In closing I just want to wish you safe and successful flight. For the night might be dark, but we have infrared cameras.