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FLIR consolidates its leading position in aerial thermography


   As you might know, FLIR is probably the most world-famous company in aerial thermography industry. Their infrared cameras are popular all around the world for many deserved reasons. We also rely on FLIR´s verified quality and so you can find many times their devices, e.g. Tau 2 lenses, as an essential part of our thermographic systems. In today´s post I would like to present you a quick overwiev of some interesting news about FLIR thermographic technology development. At first, FLIR releases new OEM thermal imaging core Muon™ which is designed specifically for volume OEMs capable of integrating uncooled FPAs into their own camera solutions. And at the second, FLIR Systems Canada announced a partnership with ING Robotic Aviation, aiming to develop an advanced method of infrared inspections.

      FLIR offers a thermal subassembly generating calibrated CMOS video out, which is greatly simplifying the OEM process thanks to the used industry-standard interfaces. Thereby, OEMs don´t have to develop their own original calibration equipment and know-how, because Muon is already calibrated for TEC-less operations. As a thermal engine, FLIR Muon core is developed to operate on standard imaging device power or communication protocols. As a technical basis was used FLIR´s 17µ pitch Vandium Oxide (VOx) 640×512 or 336×256 FPAs and offers frame rates of 9Hz and up to 60Hz. This thermal camera engine is flawlessly optimized for size, weight and power (SWaP), FLIR Muon only requires standard imaging device power and communication protocols to generate corrected CMOS video out.

     Another great news about FLIR´s current innovations is that this leading company in aerial thermography recently announced their partnership with ING Robotic Aviation. This company was selected in order to develop new hi-tech UAV for aerial industrial infrared inspections and visual gas leak detection. Their specialization is focused mainly on delivering of airborne sensing solutions. ING Robotic Aviation has gained great experience through extensive operational surveillance work with the Canadian military. However, they are currently specialized in civil UAV applications, like critical infrastructure inspections, forest fire monitoring, aerial thermography and others. Their UAVs can be deployed in many difficult situations, but with the FLIR infrared camera support and gas detection filter, the drones can locate hydrocarbon gas leaks from the air. This is crucially useful in case of inspecting of pipelines, rail cars, marine vessels and many more. Thanks to the FLIR software for thermographic inspection can be the captured imagery easily analyzed.

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