Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.

Drones will be able to tell that you’re looking at them.


Drones are worked on at an increasingly high rate and are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives and this needs to be matched with more appropriate control schemes, since controlling multiple UAVs at the same time with a mere controller will soon not be quite enough. And the most plausible future of human-drone interaction was presented at this year’s IROS.

What is this new concept you ask? Advanced facial recognition by drone groups. The idea behind is that when multiple drones need to be ordered to do different tasks, their onboard CPUs can use their cameras’ information to decide which one of them you’re looking at, and that specific UAV will respond to your voice commands. It already works really well, as you can see in the following video:

The project name is “You two! Take off! : Creating, Modifying, and Commanding Groups of Robots Using Face Engagement and Indirect Speech in Voice Commands”. It’s being developed by Shokoofeh Pourmehr, Valiallah (Mani) Monajjemi, Richard Vaughan, and Greg Mori at the Simon Fraser University in Canada. I’d like to congratulate everyone involved on their achievements!

This is in my opinion a great direction to be taken with control schemes since this is the type of interaction we humans are used to the most and won’t need any complicated training – you would be able to create teams of drones at will and tell them to deliver items or do anything else you’d desire them to do – by simply looking at them and telling them. And that is amazing.