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Drone training courses overview


How to choose the proper drone training course?

So, do you wish to become a UAV pilot? It´s not so hard at all nowadays. There is already a growing number of various drone training courses, suited for complet beginners or even experts. We realize that it may be sometimes wee bit confusing, so we have decided to make this situation clear. It today´s topic you can find at least some overview of the best-known providers of drone training courses. We hope that this little contribution will help you to choose the right drone pilot course. It is pretty clear that with rapidly growing  demand for UAV applications in agriculture,  aerial mapping, pipeline/structure safety inspection, border patrol, survey etc., it is important that this newborn industry has well trained, safety conscious, professional  UAV pilots.

  • Probably the greatest news in the world of drone training is the Unmanned Aerial University, located in Phoenix. It is simply the first university in the world which is licensed to grant Doctorate and Masters Degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering and a Certificate in UAS Project Management as a totally online curriculum. Moreover, besides university education program they also offer drone training courses for everyone. Their UAV pilot license costs 3,500 $ and consists from three phases. Phase 1 includes 16 hours of ground school, phase 2 10 hours of simulator, phase 3 16 hours of flight training.

  • The most of private providers of drone training is based in USA. Just 1 UAV is one of them. They are specializing in training and business development consulting related to the UAV industry. They offer a portfolio of thematic courses, such as build and repair training, anti-crash course, model-specific training course, film production course, cell tower inspection and so on.

  • Now let´s have a look at Europen UAV flight programs. FTE Jerez is a Spanish company, based in the Andalusian city of Jerez de la Frontera. They are mainly focused on pilot training for standard aircrafts and providing of Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). However, they recently started to offer also drone training courses. Their training follows Spanish regulations and – as usually – is divided into two categorie: basic and advanced.

  • As you probably expected, you can find some UAV flight schools in the UK. For example, RUSTA is a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) for Small Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS). It was conceived in 2014 to counter demands for training requirements due to the fast growth in the UAS industry. Their Remote Pilot Certificate SUAS course consists of two phases, containing the Ops Manual Assessment and Practical Assessment. You can purchase this drone training for 1,300 pounds.

  • Resource Group is an international supplier of resource solutions to the aviation industry with offices across the UK, Germany, Switzerland and China. Together with DroneView Technologies (USA) they recently confirmed that they are working towards collaborating on the delivery of drone training in the United States. In UK, CAA had enacted training and certification requirements for commercial drone operators and today there are approximately 500 companies and individuals in Britain that have received authorization to operate UAVs commercially. Resource Group can train you  train you to fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles up to 20kgs for commercial use whether that be for aerial photography, news footage or emergency services aerial support

  • Last but not least, Vespadrones also belongs among European providers of the drone training as well. We don´t just sell products. We offer you a complete solution for customized UAV applications. Thanks to our diverse experience with UAVs we have already acquired a pretty solid idea about what our customers need and how to solve their problems as efficiently and quickly as possible. We offer two levels of flight school: basic and advanced. The first is mainly mentioned for newcomers and consist from both theory and practical trials of unmanned flying. The advanced drone training is focused on operators and pilots who need drones for strenuous and delicate missions and who need full support in e.g. aerial mapping, thermography, precision agriculture and other applications. Moreover, they will be taught in the latest trends in the world of autonomous flight.

Have we piqued your interest? Do you wish to become a drone operator? Very well, you should definitely read about our flight school for more informations!