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In Vespadrones, we are focused on drone applications on a long-term basis. Regular visitors of this blog have probably already read some articles about what can you do with your unmanned aircraft. Nevertheless, we would like to present you a well-arranged list of the most promising UAV applications of our times. Just according to our opinion, of course.

1. Aerial Thermography

Aerial thermography is a general term for several applications, including structure inspectingsurveillanceagriculture, protecting endangered species or as a nightvision. All of this is performed with an infrared camera attached to the UAV for measuring different heat spots. The cameras are able to detect radiation in the range of the electromagnetic spectrum and than produce images of that radiation. In inaccessible or hazardous areas can be thermal cameras used for measuring and observing. On this blog you could already read about cattle tracking in Canada, environmental monitoring in Australia or surveillance  in India. All of these applications performed with multicopters and infra cameras. In Vespadrones, we rely on high-quality FLIR camera lenses and Workswell Thermal vision. We even offer Workswell Thermography training to our customers, because we believe in full service and communication are more important than just selling products.

2. UAV Mapping

Unmanned aircrafts are a great way to receive data for orthophotos3D models in high resolution with the best accuracy. On the market are also available in-house flight planning softwares, specified for simple dealing with data and parametres. If you are interested in this topic, read more about Agisoft PhotoScan and Virtual Surveyor. On of the best known companies, specialized on aerial mapping, is 3D Robotics. We acknowledge of their great know-how and skill in this are, so we offer you 3DR´s Aero-M and X8-M. Aerial mapping with UAV belongs among the most promising drone applications, that´s for sure. Drones are really changing the shape of mapping, 3D modelling and relating areas.

3. Precision Agriculture

Multicopters flying with multispectral cameras are becoming indispensable companions of tractors and harvesters. The workflow includes capturing data, processing data, analysing data and application on the field. Multi-spectral imaging systems are able to monitor the visible and near infrared radiation that plants and crops reflect. This ability is highly useful for revealing of possible threads, like insect infestation, withering, lacks of water and so on. With this drone application will the farmer always precisely know where a when he should make some intervention. In this blog, we have published quite a few articles about precision agriculture, e.g. modification of DJI Inspire 1 – Harvest, first look onto multispectral camera RedEdge or presicion agriculture sensor GEMS.

4. Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue can really prove that drone applications are currently something much more than killing people from distant countries. Sometimes it´s the other way around. It was an injured victim of an automobile accident in Canada in 2013 who might probably have been the first person saved by a search-and-rescue UAV. Credits for this rescue go to Dragan Flyer X4-ES copter with heat-sensing equipment. From that time have been several times proved that smart and fast drones with hi-tech infrared sensors can be a great help for search and rescue teams. Rescue missions are often expensive, strenuos and even dangerous for the rescuers. Deploying the UAV is a great way to cover large areas of inaccessible terrain, even during the night. We have written a post about the importance of aerial thermography for search and rescue. Regarding the first UAV which has saved a human life, you can even admire it at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space muzeum.

We realize that this short list is just a few examples of the drone applications. Maybe we can continue in part 2, if you´d like to. If we piqued your interest in this topic, you can continue to our page dedicated to UAV applications. Anyway, thank you for reading and sharing, keep flying.