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DJI S1000: Spread your wings and get higher


Are you interested in aerial photography of cinematography? If so, you are certainly aware of how important is the stability of the image. When using drones, there is highly important their wind resistance, ability to remain stable and good manoeuvrable. Luckily, here comes the new DJI S1000 spreading wings innovation. This gadget is specially designed and meant for precision aerial movie or photo making. The new folding design allows you to fold down the wings and propellers completely, which markedly minimizing the size for transport. Another splendid feature is definitely preparation time – it takes for about 5 minutes.

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The DJI S1000 copter is equipped with Zenmuse camera gimbal, which is mounted on a low position. Thereby, your camera will have a perfect shooting range for smooth footage. In addition, you will surely appreciate a loading capacity of this octocopter, which ranges between 6 and 12 kilos. Used with a 6S 15000 mAh battery, it can fly up to 15 minutes, which is impressive. By the way, these technical qualities mean naturally a great flexibility for many body/lens combination. I guess that aerial cinematography is more or less a creative work and this kind of UAV is a perfect match for it. With this octocopter you can reach higher level of shooting, even literally speaking. So if you intend to be a famous and pioneering moviemaker, this could be undoubtedly an opportunity for you.

As you can see on the video, the drone seems to be really smart and stylish. The great controllability and stability is obvious, so just imagine possibilities of film making with a big professional camera. And you surely noticed the retractable landing gear, which offers a wide shooting angle and safe landing. It depends only on you, if you will use this UAS for making Hollywood movies, or for maping pipelines, crop fields, surveillance purpose or something different. In any case I´m sure this is another step forward for anyone who is a part of the great current aerial photography expansion.