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Crazyflie Nano – A tiny, hackable, indoor quadrotor UAV


If you’re interested in drone development but don’t have the space or resources for most commercially avaible UAVs, the Crazyflie Nano might pique your interest. It’s a tiny, light-weight open source quadrotor drone designed with ease of development in mind.

It’s 9×9 cm in size and weighs 19 grams which makes it one of the smallest quadrotor UAVs there are. You can get one for only $150 and everything about it is open – the software, hardware, firmware and even the mechanics. The controls are very simple – you plug the “Crazyradio” USB dongle into your PC, start up the client and then you can fly the drone using a regular Xbox or Playstation gamepad.

Besides the ease of development, the second most important aspect of the Crazyflie Nano is the fact that it can be used indoors which gives it more possible applications. It could for example be used to retrieve data about gas leaks or structural integrity of damaged buildings. Thanks to it’s price tag it should also be popular amongs hobbyists and anyone with the slighest interest in drone development. For more information I recommend the official website –