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Bringing of the Light: the video transmission revolution


        If you use drones for making videos or photos, you are certainly aware of that how exciting but on the other hand still quite limited activity this can be. In this case I´d like to present a perfect improvement for you. Behold, the new long range HD video transmitter is just coming. The name is the DJI LighBridge and it suppose to be a really revolutionary 2.4 GHz Full HD Video Downlink, specially designed for UAV. With a sky end weights merely 70g and transmitting distance capacity up to the 5 kilometers, this could be the best solution even for small and low weight carrying drones. Thereby, this seems to be a new transmission standard in shooting of anything from above. Considering the possibility of real-time HD video transmission, I can certainly imagine a great future of this device regarding concerts, sport matches, festivals or exhibitions broadcasting.


      Of course, if you need a perfect music festival video recorded from above, you can totally manage it with a lesser transmitting range. I mean, the fantastic maximum range of the LighBrigde offers more then we are used to do with an ordinary analog transmission device. It should be a fantastic challenge e. g. for TV documentary makers, because they will be able to show large area of a landscape, maybe a rainforest, coastline and so on. I´m sure there will be an increasing number of film directors, who will appreciate the advantage of replacing a large, expensive and man-controlled helicopter with a simple UAS copter, equipped by this smart video transmission invention.

      Anyway, this previously mentioned usage examples are surely not an exhaustive LightBridge employment list. The device should improve a video transmission conditions in any kind of human work, which is including drones. Basically, if you use UAV for terrain mapping, survey, precise agriculture or for rescue support, you will definitely appreciate the high-quality video , transmitted from your copter in real time to the ground situated screen. We should also mention that the transmitter takes composite and HDMI in, outputting HDMI and USB; the latter for use with mobile and tablet devices. However, there is no pricing information yet, so it probably depends on how popular the LightBridge becomes. But anyway, the general interest in this device seems to be enormous, so I just can´t wait for some more detailed reviews.