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Beijing Flycam, a company that UAVs made rich

Rocky style villa on the roof of a tower block, Haidian, China - 12 Aug 2013

Beijing Flycam, a company that UAVs made rich

As it proves to be true once again, a simple idea is the way to make a fortune – in this case it was to provide aerial bird’s eye photography of otherwise unreachable locations. That’s what made the chinese company Beijing Flycam Culture and Media rich.

When the founders Feng Chang and Li Changchun found themselves at the bottom of the building on top of which the “Hanging Villa of Beijing” was on top of, they had the brilliant idea to take their UAV and record the amazing structure with it. Their video instantly became hugely popular and earned the media coverage and large interest in their services.

The “Hanging Villa of Beijing” was an artificial recreation of traditional Chinese mountains, with fake trees etc.. It was made by Zhang Biqing, a resident of the building and a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. Sadly, the structure was not legal and had to be taken down –

Photo by Luo Xiaoguang / Rex Features (2801921d)