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Aerial thermography: a new standard in search&rescue operations


Aerial thermography has undoubtedly a large impact on critical airborne surveillance technology for search and rescue (SAR) operations. Using of infrared cameras for many advantages and qualities has become a true standard on this field. I´m quite sure you probably remember the global search underway for the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 which disappeared on March 8th. Such operations are always unimaginable exacting task regarding the resources, technology and personnel deployment. And it is the benefit of aerial thermography which makes this search and rescue operations significantly more effective and successful. Airborne infrared camera made by FLIR systems reportedly hanged from the nose of many international aircraft which was searching approximately 4 million square miles for any trace of the missing plane.

 As you probably know, a heat-sensing camera can take a room full of people and pick them out of the cooler background. If you take this ability and use it in terrain, like in ocean, mountains, wild forrests or any other hard accessible environment, you will get the exact image of what can be done with an infrared camera in rescue operations, terrain survey or surveillance. FLIR is rightfully considered to be a long standing supplier of critical airborne survey technology and thermographic technology in general. Moreover, it’s especially useful not only in searching the open ocean for crashed airplanes, but also e.g. for an oil or fuel slick. The FLIR infrared camera is able to see a leaking ocean oil drilling platform and the oil slick from the leak is as plain as day. In conclusion, it´s easy to spot with FLIR, though it may be hard to see in daylight with the naked eye. That´s why the FLIR´s devices and technology are being often use as a basis and inspiration for further thermographic development.

That´s pretty much why we have choosen the Workswell system, based on FLIR Tau 2 infrared cameras, as a new great thermographic solution. If you pick the Workswell infrared-UAV system for your aerial application, you can also choose among four various FLIR lenses. Moreover, besides our classical flight school training you will also get a special thermographic course, focused on infrared applications and this very product. In this can you will be taught about the Workswell system unique configuration software as well. So it basically uses the FLIR well-known qualities as a fundamental basis in order to create something new and excellent. With a brilliant resolution quality and perfect functionality it can be use for basically any thermographic application. If you are looking for a great infrared imaging solution for your drone, just simply purchase the Workswell system in our shop: