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A wearable flying camera that would turn into a drone


Make it wearable – that´s a name of a competition which is currently being holded by Intel. It is reportedly an initiative which should inspire ideas and fuel innovation that will evolve personal computing in exciting new ways. Obviously, all the competitive projects have to be wearable. And so, believe or not, one of the finalists is also a wearable quadcopter. Meet Nixie, a tiny flying camera. It is a concept of a small UAV, which should be able to fly off your wrist, make some aerial photos or videos and then come back. Though it´s still in development and the flying wristlet camera is rough around the edges, the whole project already seem to be as a great gadget for funny and easy aerial photography.

The wearable drone is supposed to work as some kind of a futuristic paparazzi boomerang. A hypothetical user should be able to send the the drone flying with a gesture. The Nixie UAV would recognize where you’re standing, make some pictures or video, then return to the wrist again. With traditional cameras, shooters have to interrupt the moment to take pictures, and the controls require manual manipulations. Nixie puts you front and center in your photos and videos — without requiring your hands, or your attention. From selfies to panoramas to continuous movies, Nixie offers preset modes for any on-the-go situation. I guess this would be a great choice for many enthusiasts, who don´t need large and expensive drones, but just literally a flying camera for capturing their activities. It could be very convenient in case of sports like climbing, kayaking and hiking, where you will surely appreciate small and light camera device. Moreover, I can imagine the quadcopter would be great gadget to pack away to the holiday or a trip, if you want to make an excellent pictures of your perfect moments. Apparently, it would be a UAV which can be taken everywhere just on a human body. If the Nixie team will be able to finish the drone according to their picture, this could help to bring advantages of aerial photography into daily life.


You can watch the Creator Project´s video about Nixie here.