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A flying companion for your new car.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it´s a new French car with its own drone. Looking for a parking spot especially in big cities has become a frequent nightmare for many drivers. Would you like to have some additional eagle-eye above yourself sometimes? Although modern cars are often equipped with some camera system, detectors and whatever, in some situations you might find very useful a bird-eye view of traffic. Yes, maybe it sounds like some bad science fiction joke, but in fact it´s a serious car concept idea. The car is called Renaul Kwid and was unveiled at this year´s Delhi Auto Show. Indeed, it should be sort of hi-tech vehicle with inbuilt drone, which can fly around the car and provide some useful information to a driver. Verily, they call it “Flying Companion “instead of drone, which might sound more suitable. And intimately as well.


Ok, I guess this could be a very attractive additional feature, more likely for young drivers, geeks and modern technology fanatics, who won´t leave their garage without the Flying Companion. Let´s say, in five or ten years, why not? This type of copter should operate on automate or manual mode, which probably means some passenger with tablet, controlling the drone. Or I can´t definitely imagine somebody who is able to handle a car and a drone simultaneously and even safely. The truth is that UAS can be done as user friendly and easy to control, but just realize, how many disasters caused telephoning while driving. Anyway, this concept can bring a new excitement into travelling for sure. If you´ll be able to observe your surrounding area from a bird-eye perspective, you can smartly avoid traffic congestion. Or you can see some interesting unknown place behind the forest or another obstacle. Maybe it will be a good tool for searching a suitable hotel or restaurants. The number of ways of this equipment could be undoubtedly very wide. Let´s just hope there won´t be any drone crash in future, I think normal car crashes suck enough.

Honestly, I´m curious if even more automobile company will take rise to the challenge and develop another UAV combined cars. I´d like to promise that we´ll keep a close eye to this concept. I hope it won´t be in vain and some day this dream will turn to reality. And hey, to have a flying companion providing a personnel bird-eye to your car can be amazing though, but do you know what´s even better? To have a flying car, that´s for sure. But I´m afraid we are not going to live in such era. For that´s our grandchildren´s world, right?