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Drones make art

‘Drone Art: Baltimore’ that is the name of the book that husband and wife Terry &  Belinda Kilby have recently released.

The book tells a story how two people with distinct backgrounds and areas of expertise joined forces to create exciting images of familiar Baltimore subjects and is accompanied by a collection of beautifully composed fine art aerial photographs. They describe how the creative process evolved from simple modifications of purchased radio controlled helicopters to designing and building brand new unique drones, that are capable of carrying heavier and larger equipment such as, high resolution camera, termovision etc.

The couple aims to change the mainstream negative perception of the word ‘drone’ by making unique art and teaching others how to utilize UAVs in unexpected areas of use. In the book they show us many Baltimore landmarks and interesting places from the popular bird’s eye perspective.

Drone Art: Baltimore” is currently available on Amazon should be available in brick stores in the upcoming weeks.

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