Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles for your professional applications.


We believe that unmanned aerial systems await a bright future. They will be smarter and more capable; they will assist in the our work, overseeing our safety and maybe even save our lives. UAV will improve our lives in all possible situations.


UAV Aerial Thermography

Thermal cameras detect radiation in the range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of that radiation called thermographs. The amount of radiation emitted by an object is proportional to its temperature, so thermography allows us to see variations in temperature in the scene independently of the area illumination. Thermography is commonly used in healthcare, agriculture, protecting endangered species, waste management or as a nightvision. It is also used for surveillance uses, fire detection, energy efficiency or condition monitoring.
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Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is considered to be one of the fields where the use of UAVs may become a key factor dividing the future farmers into successful and failures. Some of the farmers already use spectral analysis provided by a satellite, but that does not necessarily mean it is precise. There are factors that distort the satellite’s data such as clouds, smoke, air pollution etc.. A more accurate method of observing your crops while maintaining the low time cost of the operation is to use a UAV.
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UAV Monitoring and Industry

There is a pretty wide spectrum of industrial aerial applications which is gradually spreading hand in hand with UAS development. This particular area usually includes mainly various inspections and checking, e.g. inspections of bridges, highvoltage power lines, high structures and buildings, windmills, or basically hard accessible spots. This kind of drone inspecting is also very useful in case of examinig of photovoltaic systems, oil and gas pipelines, train paths and many others.
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UAV Aerial Mapping

We believe that the future of aerial surveying and mapping is not fixed and static, but flexible and dynamic. It´s a great way to receive data for orthophotos, 3D models in high resolution with great accuracy. We also offer you an in-house flight planning software, suited for simple dealing with data and parametres. Aerial survey is a great solution for various kinds of applications. It can be use to deal with challenging sites such as quarries, sand pits, landfills, coal stockpiles.
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